The word harmony often brings up feelings of peace, happiness, and no stress. But how many of us really feel that our lives are in harmony on a daily basis? I know many people who rarely feel like their life is a gently flowing river completely in harmony with all of life itself. Many people convince themselves that they will experience harmony at a later date. Perhaps when their business gets going, when their workload lessens, when they get off the diet they’re on, when they get their mother placed with long term health care, when they graduate school, and many other “when I” ‘s.

We have things we are going to do tomorrow, because we can’t possibly do them now. We are on a rollercoaster that doesn’t allow us to act in harmony with our true selves in each moment.


When we are in true harmony or flow, we are in tune with the infinite creative force in the Universe. The wisdom beyond all wisdom. You might be surprised at how stress-free you can feel when you realize that there is an energy and a power at work which doesn’t require your brain, your to do lists, or your stress, in order to function. The infinite does not need (nor does it ask for) your mental processing in order for it to continue expanding and creating all of existence. What a relief! If you can recognize that all you need to do is be in harmony with what IS, you can relax and let go to what is your highest purpose in life.

It can take practice. Well, at least for me it still does!  I’ve had a love-hate relationship with my brain for almost my whole life. There are weeks on end where I am perfectly in flow, and “problems” are not really “problems” but rather challenges to allow to be worked out. My place in those challenges is very clear, and I can move through them with ease. My brain takes a back seat to my soul and heart, and simply performs the duties it is supposed to perform. Reasoning, analysis, action-motivation. But, for some reason, when my brain decides it wants to be captain once again, it hijacks the ship. Sneaky as it is, my brain never warns me that it’s coming. It just performs a stealth maneuver and starts the bossy routine. Unfortunately, sometimes I still don’t catch on until it’s too late.


If you are not experiencing vibrant health, abundance, and joy in your life, you can change directions today and re-align yourself with your own personal harmony. Living in flow occurs when your thoughts, your words, and your actions are aligned with your TRUE LIFE’S MISSION. Easy as that. But how do you get there? Here are five things you can do right now, today, that will help you realign with your most harmonious path. I won’t tell you it’s easy to put your heart and soul in charge, but I will tell you that once you do, life will flow and you will experience all of creation conspiring to help you.

1. Spend at least 15 minutes each morning, before you do anything else, going within. It doesn’t have to be formal meditation, and it’s definitely not talking or asking. It’s more of contemplative prayer or contemplative “being”. You can lie in bed (if you are sure you won’t fall back asleep again!), or you can sit somewhere quiet (even if the only place is your bathroom with the door locked!), and just connect with your spirit. No asking, no telling, just connecting. This may seem weird or unusual if you’ve not done it before. It gets easier with time. Just experience being you, in this moment. Remember, you are a being in a vast galaxy, that is surrounded by billions of other galaxies, each containing billions of other planets and stars. Be in your quiet space, and just FEEL the connectedness to all that is with no expectations. This will help calibrate your day to be guided by inner wisdom.

2. When you need to make decisions in your life, remember that all major  questions and decisions will create conflict between mind and heart. Your heart by the way is NOT your emotions. Your heart is your intuition. It’s the center where your True North is located. Your life GPS. It can take some practice to rely on the “gut” feeling coming from your intuition. Don’t mistake it for emotion. Emotion tells you “I should go back with this boyfriend even though he disregards my feelings, because I love him”.  Your brain tells you, “let’s see, well, maybe he can change. Look at all the nice stuffed animal he got me for Valentine’s Day, and that time he put his phone down during our date”.  Your gut tells you “NOT THE RIGHT GUY AND YOU KNOW IT DEEP DOWN”. Learn how to separate the answers that come from emotions, mind and soul, and always go with the latter.

3. Spend time in nature. Nothing connects us more our inner self than being in nature and experiencing its perfection. Roses don’t need to think about how to bloom, they just do it. And they do it perfectly. So do you when you ALLOW life to flow through you.

4. Do something creative. Paint, draw, bake, anything that taps into your creativity. You don’t have to be “good” at something according to conventional standards. It’s just about tapping into a different energy in your life. Don’t put rules or expectations on your creativity. You don’t even have to show anyone. Play a new instrument, listen to uplifting instrumental music. The more time you spend in creativity, the easier you will be able to be in flow.

5. Listen and watch for signs. They are all around you. All the time the Universe is sending you signs of your path. When 5 of your friends tell you to read a particular book, or people at your work and in your gym are telling you you should be a “x, y or z” don’t disregard that. Read the book, look into that career, follow the signs. They just might bloom into a whole new harmonious path.