Probably not a book title we will be seeing any time soon. Nor are we likely to see “Reversing Heart Disease with Grass-Fed Pork and Chicken”, or “The Proven Diabetes Cure: How High Fat Meat Based Diets Can Heal Your Type 2 Diabetes.”

Yet, we do have many books on how plant based diets have PROVEN to heal cancer, reverse serious heart damage, and permanently heal Type 2 diabetes. Dr. Dean Ornish (Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease) Dr. Joel Fuhrman (The End of Diabetes), Dr.’s Esselstyn, McDougall, and Barnard, and movies like Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Cancer and The Gerson Miracle, have all shown us that a plant based diet is the only type of diet that has PROVEN actual results, supported by thousands of scientific studies. Of course, no discussion of plant based eating would be complete without paying homage to T. Colin Campbell, the Nutritional Biologist who penned The China Study.

When over 50 years of science has proven in overwhelming fashion, the health benefits of plant based diets, why are the shelves still filled with books that promote high meat, high fat, acid-inducing diets? I suppose the more appropriate question is, why are people buying them?

We as humans have this way of looking at facts, evidence and proven successes and ignoring them. Then, we often choose to look at conjecture, faulty premises and non-evidence based information and decide to follow it. This happens for one reason. We want to hear what we want to hear. And, when what we hear sounds like it will allow us to continue indulging in foods we don’t want to give up, our mind tricks us into ignoring the obvious: eating a plant based diet is what is healthiest for our bodies.

When I first came onto the online scene with my Facebook page, RawganicVegan, I had already been studying nutrition for over 20 years, had been a vegan for 22 years, and had been running my wellness company specializing in nutrition retreats focused on juicing and detox. I had already seen up close, in countless people, the power of a plant based high raw diet, and juicing as a lifestyle.

So, of course I found it kind of funny when I would get wildly emotional comments from a few people in the very early stages of their own nutrition discovery, who wanted to debate the validity of things like the Paleo Diet, Weston A. Price Foundation, and many others.

I chose of course to leave the debating to people who are still seeking their path, while continuing to provide information for anyone who is interested in what I have to share.

When the proof is literally in the pudding (raw vegan of course) it’s unfortunate that it gets drowned out by the loudest voices, which in our world today are BIG PHARMA, BIG AG, and BIG MEDIA.  But for those who are searching for a better way, they have found the Gerson Therapy and its radically shocking success rate at curing cancer.  NOT with platefuls of meat and milk, but with organic, live, vegetable juices, fruits and some flax oil.

There will always be people who look for holes in the studies, including the extensive China Study. And we need to look at who those people are, and what their agenda is. Often, you will find people who were once vegan, went back to their old habits, and began seeking ways to justify it. Or, you will find at the source, someone connected to the Weston A. Price Foundation who continues to push out books like “Nourishing Traditions” which Joel Fuhrman calls “Fanciful Folklore” that is “no match for modern science”.

The truth is that we all know someone with cancer, diabetes or heart disease, and we are well aware that those disease are NOT caused by plant based diets.

I have pored over nutrition research for decades, examining the details, looking into who paid for the studies, how large were they, what were the controls, I’ve examined the criticisms, looked at all sides, looked at motives and bias, and have concluded beyond a shadow of a doubt that eating at the top of the food chain, where you are consuming all of the environmental toxins and denatured substances, along with hormones, antibiotics, plastics, and GMO feed is PRECISELY the reason we are so sick as a nation.

I have also concluded beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the planet is suffering needlessly, as are starving humans all over this globe, as a result of the mass consumption of animal products.

In the case of plant-based eating, there are decades of studies and conclusive reversals of the deadliest diseases plaguing modern society, as to demonstrate clearly to me, that this is the healthiest way to eat. Thus I have always, and will continue to, promote plant based eating, largely raw, and provide recipes and programs that support true health for those who seek it.

For anyone interested Dr. Campbell’s brilliant response to a criticism of the China Study by a “blogger”, including the statement of a cancer epidemiologist who criticized the blogger for having drastically over-simplified the data due to her lack of knowledge of accepted scientific methodology, I HIGHLY recommend this read: