"Lastly, i want to say thank-you in a thousand languages. To say the least, this candida cleanse has been a transformational experience for me. What's cool about this statement is that the transformations have shown up in areas in my life that i would have never imagined. For one, finding my strength, will, determination, and commitment to myself, even when i feel bad, or tired, or lazy, has been profound. I now feel these new found strengths an asset leaking into other areas of my life, and it continues to feed my soul and heart. So again, thank-you a trillion times over. "

− Tanya Bayda

"So emotional this morning. so many heartfelt posts. so much gratefulness. TY, Liana Shanti, proud proud mother healer. You are more than amazing. a true gift to me and to the world. i feel SUCH POWER within myself now! i continue to flow with tears of gratitude, happiness, awe, relief. This has been my life changer, my live saver. right here, in this group, these last three days. I am so excited to continue on and find my true physical and mental self. she is so beautiful and happy. I can't wait to meet her. "

− Lisa Mills

"Liana...what can I say that has not already been said and so eloquently and heart felt? Congrats, of course, that others are seeing the value of what you have to offer. For those of us who have had the privilege of finding you and experiencing your heart and wisdom...well...we will be forever grateful. Grateful that you are so willing to follow the calling on your life and give all you have to it. It shows in everything you say and do. I keep hoping that if people are just starting this program that this group will continue on forever...lol No matter your choice in life please know that you have impacted my life in ways that words cannot describe. God bless you in all you do. "

− Terrie Ferguson

"This morning I have taken notice of some amazing changes. I know this is all aesthetic, but it is telling of what is happening inside. My nails have always been weak and brittle. They are growing. My hair has been so weak and fine. It's getting fuller and softer. My skin (face) has been blotchy and my eyes puffy. I have not worn face makeup in almost a week. I am thrilled to the fruits of my labor start to blossom!! I truly hope you all are having your own experiences like this. This program is SO WORTH IT. I AM WORTH IT! I AM DOING IT!!! (Oh, and I've also lost 11.5 lbs)"

− Cameron Dillard

"I feel great and revitalized!! I would like to Thank Liana Shanti immensely for guiding me towards my juicing path I appreciate you a great deal!! I plan on incorporating juicing into my diet and moving forward I intend on eating more raw foods! I am also very grateful and humbled by this wonderful community. Communities like this are imperative when going through such an intense transformation and I am blessed to have experience it with you all. I plan on sharing this experience with my family and hope to bring them to their full potential through Juicing! It is important to take care of your temple! YOU come first remember that!!! Stay the course stay positive and always give Thanks!!"

− H.N. Sygney

"I am so honored to be part of this Wellness movement that you initiated and I feel so proud to be with all of you here in this amazing time we are sharing. When you have found compassion, and you truly understand the nature of humanity, you know that it's not important how much you charge to help someone, but who are the people you want to surround yourself with.... like minded and like hearted people. And that's why I believe you do the kind of work that you do Liana. And that's why you are able to touch the lives of so so many. You were called to do this, and you've answered this call. I am truly grateful."

− Alexandra Mahlimay

"I am just amazed that even though you could make more selling you products, you choose not to in order to help more people. You truly are one of the most beautiful people I know. Your guidance is so key to all of our development. I can't even explain how surprised I was by all the exercises in the 66 day program. It isn't just about change how we eat, it's about changing lives! Love that! Thank you so much. And thanks for pining this so those of us that kissed I could see it. "

− Kristi Allen

"If you are interested in ever doing a juice cleanse of any kind, Liana's programs are definitely worth considering. Click on the rest of the info that she posted and then click on the link for even more info. *I am in no way affiliated with Liana. I simply believe in her programs and will be doing this cleanse within the next month."

− Dana Visak

"You are a wonderful force in this world and I'm so happy to gave met you. Thank you for being affordable too! Ha"

− Alyssa Klawhammer

"So happy for you you are my Angel thank you for all your love and guidance. Without your support and the support of all the wonderful people I come to know in eat juice and thrive I would still be eating unhealthy and on a diet roller coaster and miserable. Thank you!!!"

− Gisela Pena

"I'm so happy for you! you truly deserve the best! i wish there were more people like you in the world today. it would be such a better place:) congrats and best luck! much love to you and all you do for us!!!"

− Sheila King von Arx

"You keep inspiring so many people around the world, you are a true gift from God, you are our angel. I think of you all the time, every time I put something into my mouth I think, would Liana approve this? You are a part of my life and I am forever grateful for your kindness, love, support, compassion, knowledge and nutritional advise. You are my hero! I talked about you and your page all the time, so many of my friends liked you on Facebook, they are buying juicers, trying to eat healthy and they read RawganicVegan page all the time. You are a movement!!! So powerful!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you for everything you do for us!!! All the best for you. "

− Olenko Mazamorra

"I feel like you are an educator who cares about people and believes in what you teach. There is no price tag on sharing your gift with others. That alone is a huge reason I chose to follow your work Liana."

− Paul King

"I was so happy that my husband asked what I wanted for my birthday. I immediately said the 66 day Health Mastery Program! I knew from your postings that you were special. You care about people and want to share your knowledge. You are the help I have been looking for, for the last 10 years. Thank you Liana for caring about people more than money. God has and is blessing you for this."

− Gail Stringer


"Dear Liana, your heart is so full of love and open to all of us You so deserve all what's coming your way, congratulation! Enjoy the ride! I'm eternally grateful for presenting me with this healthy, joyful, fun, learning, spiritual ... road to follow, it has made my heart so full of love for you and everybody in this group, how we can support each other on this journey of life, that's priceless God bless you! "

− Oly Jacobson

"I truly love you for all the kindness and support, the life lessons, the constant encouragement and for giving me that feeling that I can manage my own life. Thank you so much and many thanks from my husband as well. You are a fabulous woman!!"

− Jillian Hope


The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather, will cure and prevent disease with NUTRITION. ~ Thomas Edison