Cold fresh lemonade drink close up, selective focus

Many people are familiar with the Master Cleanse, which is a 10 day program wherein you drink nothing but a maple syrup, cayenne and lemon juice mixture. I do not recommend the Master Cleanse as a regimen on its own, because you are not infusing your body with enough calories on a daily basis. This results in a slowing down of the metabolism which can be hard to recover from, particularly for people desiring to lose weight. All of my Juice Cleanse programs contain a minimum of 1500 calories per day, so that your body can cleanse and heal, while dropping massive amounts of toxins and fat at the same time, without the dip in metabolic rate.

That being said, I love the Master Cleanse drink as an adjunct to a proper juice cleanse, and I add the recipe in my juice fasts as an inexpensive “filler” juice for stamina and energy. The traditional recipe is made with cayenne, but I created my own  chipotle version with rose infusion, and it is spectacular, whether part of a cleanse or just to enjoy!

I sometimes make this for my kids, and just leave out the chipotle and make a delicious rose lemonade.

Tips on using FLOWER infusions in your juices:

If you don’t use pesticides in your garden, you can use your own fresh flowers which is best! Or you can get organic dried flowers from your health food store’s bulk section of from Mountain Rose Herbs

You can also use super high quality essential oils, just be careful in amounts they can be quite strong!

I pick fresh blooms, remove stems and stamens, and place petals in a bowl and cover with hot water (not boiling) like you would make tea. Let steep for at least 1/2 hour. Strain through a nut milk bag, and put rosewater infusion in the refrigerator to cool for a bit. Then add to lemonade mix. Voila!

If you’re having a garden party and feeling ambitious, you can put some of the rose petals into coconut water in an ice cube tray and freeze, so when you serve it, you will have beautiful floating flowers in the drink.