Author: Melanie Spruce

Crystals have been used for healing and protection by Egyptians, Native Americans as well as in India for more than 5,000 years. These cultures have a very strong connection and appreciation to the land, nature and understand and respect their place as beings in the natural world. Crystals are predominantly used to help balance our chakras, but to understand how to use crystals for healing, you first must have a basic knowledge about chakras.

Chakras are concentrations of focused energy which are at different locations in your body that hold your mental and spiritual power. The chakras absorb energy that comes from our thoughts, feelings and the outside environment and feed into our body. This is why we feel so relaxed when we spend time outside in nature or on the beach. I sometimes have people tell me that they don’t believe in chakras, but there is nothing to “believe” in. Chakras are just energy within our bodies and every single natural thing on our planet is made of energy. Energy causes vibrations, so depending on its frequency; energy will radiate a particular color.

When we activate and balance our chakras, we stimulate the release of these powerful energies. Unacknowledged fear, anger, resentment, guilt, unfulfilled need for love and nurturing (as both a child and as an adult), adds to the energy flow blockage of the Chakras pathway. These energy blocks can severely slow your flow of energy, and eventually build up to the point where they completely close off the energy we receive from the specific Chakras. Thus you would be completely out of sync with your body and unable to process emotions properly. People with blocked chakras usually experience extreme emotions and negative feelings like anger, hate, and depression.

The best way to release the energy blockage of our chakras is to recognize the above mentioned negative emotions. By simply acknowledging the specific emotions or facing the circumstances which have caused the emotions, will get the ball rolling in your healing journey.

Crystals help us heal because they are natural elements from the earth itself.  You can use specific crystals that resonate with specific chakras,  and the energy from the crystal can help get your energy flowing as they vibrate at the same frequency as your chakra. Below is an outline of the seven chakras with their corresponding color, and then two recommended crystals for each chakra that may be beneficial to you.

Common Crystals

Chakra: Root or Base/ Base of the spine/Red, Brown, Grey and Black Crystal: Red Jasper, Garnet

Chakra: Sacral or Hara/ Just below the naval/Orange and Silver     Crystal: Carnelian, Gold Stone

Chakra: Solar Plexus/ Right around naval / Yellow                           Crystal: Citrine or Yellow Fluorite

Chakra: Heart/ Center of Chest/ Green and Pink                              Crystal: Rose Quartz (self-love), Jade (love of others)

Chakra: Throat/ Throat area/ Light Blue                                           Crystal: Turquoise, Blue Aventurine

Chakra: Third Eye/ Between the eyes / Indigo and Purple                 Crystal: Lapis Lazuli, Moon Stone

Chakra: Crown/ Top of your head / Violet and White                            Crystal: Amethyst, Peacock Ore

Most of these crystals can be found at your local crystal shop or online, and come in many forms including necklaces, bracelets, rings, eggs, or natural shape. I recommend one rule of thumb for choosing your personal crystals: bring home those that you are first drawn to. Trust your instincts because your energy will often be drawn to that particular crystal for a reason.


To use crystals for healing, simply place the crystal on your skin at the location for the chakra you are trying to balance or heal. Focus all of your attention on the spot where that stone lies. Imagine a white ball in that area and that the crystal allowing you to absorb its energy.

In today’s technology-driven world, electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) play a huge role in our everyday life. EMF’s are all around us, in Wi-Fi at home, work and at most stores and businesses, cell phones, and all electronic equipment and devices emit EMF’s. So our bodies are being inundated daily which has been shown to affect our body’s energy. Personally, I use smoky quartz and malachite plus clear quartz at my office desk to help magnify the protection. Himalayan salt lamps are another beneficial “crystal” to use for this purpose.

TIP: Clear quartz is used to magnify the healing power of crystal it is near and you can actually program your clear quartz with the power you would like it to take on. For example, when I am working on healing my heart chakra, I will use both a rose quartz and a clear quartz necklace.

Overall, adding crystals to your life is a great way to help open your chakras and getting your energy flowing, to stay happy and healthy.