And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall  all flesh come to worship before me, saith the LORD.  Isaiah 66:23

The moon is seen as the ultimate in feminine energy, because the cycles of the moon correspond with the menstrual cycles of women. The moon also controls the tides of the seas and oceans, the feminine flow of the earth.

In ancient cultures women would often retreat during the “new moon” phase of their cycle, when estrogen and testosterone are at a low.

After three days, when testosterone kicks up a notch, women typically have more energy and often feel the desire to re-engage. After one full week the woman returns to the action in her life and takes the steps towards fulfilling any plans.

Any changes come at the Waxing Gibbous phase and a full blossoming occurs during the Full Moon which is two weeks after the New Moon.  This is also the time in a woman’s cycle when she is most fertile and can more easily become pregnant — two weeks after her menstrual cycle begins. There is a surge in estrogen and testosterone during this time.

Just as the hormones wax and wane with the menstrual cycle, so too do your subtle energy bodies with the waxing and waning of the moon cycles.

Being in tune with nature and using the energy that is present during each of these cycles can  greatly assist us on our path.

Generally speaking, waxing phase energy is very supportive of our requests for abundance, prosperity and goodness to enter our lives. When the Moon is waning, it is important to work on removing negativity and clutter (mental, physical or emotional) from our lives.


The New or Crescent Moon Represents Beginnings

During this first phase of the moon is the perfect time to start new endeavors and projects. Anything you have been procrastinating on can be supported during this powerful time. A book you have been meaning to write? Start it on the New Moon. A new exercise routine? Start on the New Moon.  If you start to employ these practices you will find tremendous support for your goals.

The First Quarter Moon Represents Action

The Moon reaches the Waxing Quarter seven days after the New Moon. NOW is the time to ACT on all of the plans you started on the New Moon. To use action and motion to put into practice all of your new projects and routines.  At the First Quarter Moon, we might meet challenges we were not prepared for. We often need to make decisions during this time.

The Waxing Gibbous Moon Represents Momentum

The Moon is now waxing larger as it is moving towards Full. Over the next week, you will have tremendous forward momentum. You will definitely start seeing results in action right during this period. So, if you started an exercise routine on the New Moon, you are now in full swing and can continue moving forward with supportive moon energy.

The Full Moon Represents The Strongest Energy

We are now 14 days into the moon’s cycle. The energy is at its highest now, and it is referred to often as “harvest time”.  Not all projects can come to fruition in only two weeks, but in six months’ time, the Full Moon will be in the same House as the New Moon occurring in the current month. That means that for many people, you will see your intentions manifest in six months’ time. Emotions tend to peak at this time for many people, so if you find yourself reacting in an overly-sensitive way, note where the moon is in its cycle. You may in fact find that you respond strongly to the energies.

The Waning Gibbous Moon Represents Thought

The Moon begins to wane, and energies and thoughts turn within. It is a perfect energy to use for reflection on your life, your relationships, your projects and other themes. It is definitely not a time to begin something new or to try and gain momentum. The energy is most supportive for contemplation and reflection.

The Waning Quarter Moon Represents Clearing

This is a wonderful energy to help you remove any negative energies, people, places or things from your life. During this time, anything that is not working can be given away, recycled, or discarded. In your home environment, this is a great opportunity to clear out your cabinets, organize your office space, get rid of clothes that don’t fit you, and make way for new.

The Waning Crescent (also called the Balsamic Moon) Represents Release

Peace. The waning Moon has now reached its last phase and is a great energy for release. This is for release of anything in your life, whether you are ready to release your current job, lifestyle, stress and worry. During this time, women often feel either at peace, or somewhat empty.  These final days before the New Moon are referred to as the dark of the moon, and during this phase, inner worlds and inner reflection take precedence over outward actions. A time of surrender, rest, and recuperation.

If you follow these moon cycles throughout the year and then combine that with the energy of the four seasons, making spring a time of clearing, summer a time of starting new, fall a time of release, and winter a time of meditative reflection, you will soon find an amazing flow and grace in your life.

Love and Aloha, Liana